Welcome to Honorary Consulate of Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Bangladesh

Greetings from the Consular of LAO People's Democratic Republic Bangladesh. It is a great privilege and pleasure for me to represent LAOS in Bangladesh. Since my appointment as the Honorary Consul in 2016, I have been working to foster ties between the two countries, which extend back several years, in order to promote economic and socio-cultural development. Our two countries have a long and rich history, one that is full of exchange of knowledge, language, culture and trade, and a future that is full of promises. My current target is to identify commonalities, joint interests and shared needs that would bring the business and cultural communities of both countries closer and leverage them as building blocks to solidify bilateral relations. We are working to expend the already existing resources and infrastructure at the consulate office in order to facilitate, help and assist visiting Laotian delegations and individuals. I call upon LAOS nationals in Bangladesh and the entrepreneurs, investors and civil society members of both countries to join my effort to strengthen bilateral trade and cultural relations
Arik Morshed
Honorary Consul
Lao PDR- Bangaladesh